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The making of environment that is kind to the earth corresponding to "the new industry era."

Business outline

We were in use with the research and development of the bellows application product mainly on the metal bellows by a unique technique and an effort to die out, and to be mixed for half a century since the formation in 1927.
The bellows seal valve of the high quality which the technology produced and the product are used in the wide "fields where it must not leak" such as atomic energy, electricity, a semiconductor, chemistry and the vacuum and the superior features are evaluated and get great trust.
The characteristic "not to leak out" attracts attention from an aspect of environmental conservation and the safety management.

The top message

Ohno Bellows Industry.
It is the company name that is unique in that unfamiliar. Laughter to suppress may be invited to heard for the first time. In addition, I am said again just after that or may be asked again. When it can happen, we think that it is Chance adversely. This is because it should have been carved as an unforgettable individual company name to forget it.
We make Bellows valve. Originally it is our beginning to have let Bellows become the domestic production, and it is Bellows valve that put a product with two different performance such as Bellows+Valve together. It is like hybrid to know in anyone in now and has character unique again, but the essence demands, even the product inside "does not leak to the product outside either" and pursues its possibility every day.

We challenge a variety of industry in Bellows valve as spoke some time ago. It is the company which is about one century such as foundation 1997. We continue chasing realism, and they are still tied a lot to a customer through Bellows valve centering on Bellows. There are the people who do not know Bellows valve, but the basics of the business are communication with people and people among them. I explain it to "a specific property" of our Bellows valve with confidence after supposing, and having added a voice and the phenomenon that the customer utters and have a result, the acquaintance that is long with many customers.
It may be said that it is inherent. The environment that we surround is surrounded by the strong atmospheres of the characteristic.
I have business to become many customers in the company which is the first century for half a century and besides work centering on unfamiliar Bellows. Is demanded from us to let it continue strenuously; is "own thought, action that is basic without depending on a person's opinion". We understand them at the same time that we are slender. However, with "the originality" for us, I include the positive sense of cooperation. It is important to respect anyone other than oneself and performs a remark and an action for oneself at the top. Because that pursues the great possibility of our activity centering on Bellows, it is necessary and thinks that I make a friend and an area happy again.
It is us which I easily described. Is it not to the friend who opens the possibility of the activity centering on Bellows with originality if I feel possibility of the self-realization in our environment?

                                                                                        President Yasumasa Hoshino

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Ohno Bellows Industry
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