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The making of environment that is kind to the earth corresponding to "the new industry era."

Business outline

We were in use with the research and development of the bellows application product mainly on the metal bellows by a unique technique and an effort to die out, and to be mixed for half a century since the formation in 1927.
The bellows seal valve of the high quality which the technology produced and the product are used in the wide "fields where it must not leak" such as atomic energy, electricity, a semiconductor, chemistry and the vacuum and the superior features are evaluated and get great trust.
The characteristic "not to leak out" attracts attention from an aspect of environmental conservation and the safety management.

Person image to find

Excellent challenge mind

The person who is eager, and can do the correspondence in things flexibly

Do not regret self-study; one with the patience

The adoption results

University graduate physical science
University graduate faculty of liberal arts
Technical college
High-school graduate
Position department
The April, 09 results
Two people
0 people
0 people
0 people
The April, 08 results
One person
0 people
One person
Four people
Quality control, general affairs
The April, 07 results
One person
One person
0 people
Three people
Quality control, business
Ohno Bellows Industry
[the head office]
2-15-17, Yaguchi, Ota-ku, Tokyo
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