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About a product

Essential apparatus

I do not let impurities get mixed with the inside in the field requiring clean such as a semiconductor, liquid crystal, food processing, the vacuum industry. In the field needing atomic energy, petrochemistry, consideration to environment including the heavy electric apparatus (electricity) industry, I do not let you leak out to the outside. A product of Ohno Bellows Industry is adopted as "an essential apparatus" in the important point of such a plumbing line which is in trouble when it leaks.

Characteristic of the bellows Valve which is useful for better environmental conservation

I solve the problem of the outside leak

I completely cut off the inside and the outside by incorporating bellows, and the leak from a grand part is not possible to seal it up.

Safety management

It is most suitable for a leak and an explosion of the poisonous gas, prevention of danger such as the radioactivity and the environmental conservation such as pollution or the bad smell with the chemical substance.

Quality control of the fluid

Because there is not the mixture of impurities from the outside at all, I maintain the quality of a high-purity fluid or activity, the polymeric fluid.

Reduction of energy operational costs

I can reduce operational costs remarkably by preventing energy waste of the whole plant by the leak from a valve at a bellows valve.

It is essential for vacuum apparatus, flow quantity adjustment

Because a high vacuum degree and the stable secrecy that I was not able to maintain are provided at the conventional valve easily, the certainty, reliability are much than a conventional valve superior.

Preservation is easy

Because retightening, exchange of the grand packing are reduced remarkably, the number of times of the maintenance is reduced.

Operation is light

Like a conventional valve, a stem is forced by clamping of the grand packing, and I do not harden the turn of the steering wheel, and operability is comfortable.
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