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Quality, technique

Speak in-house production; Rose and Valve

It is the bellows seal valve of the high quality which incorporated the bellows for exclusive use of the valve which we which developed the domestic first metal seamless bellows in 1927 produce based on the technique that accumulated for many years. I am used in the wide "fields where it must not leak" such as atomic energy, electricity, a semiconductor, chemistry and the vacuum, and superior features are evaluated.
   Seamless bellows is molded by one piece of board
     Bellows seal valve cross section

Lineup to the wide field

The bellows valve product is currently used in various condition bottoms (high pressure, vacuum, very-low temperature). I will have a diameter at 300A from a miniature in future while further innovation advances to cope with various demands of the user.
▲Size comparison
▲Very-low temperature business
  ▲Vacuum use
  ▲High pressure use

High-quality Valve dakarakosono customization

I think about customer needs momentously simply because it is a product taking an important role, and our experienced techniques answer "the custom product according to the use according to the fluid" which let you reflect an individual request with unique idea and advanced technology.
           ▲UF-20 type
        ▲UF-20 type automatic flow quantity adjustment valve

To send a stable product

I perform all the important processes such as assembling, inspection in the country (Iwaki factory) to send a high-quality product without the leak. For example, I search the production history ten years ago instantly and build the system which was supported in ISO9001 which I can repeat even now even if I put it in toresabiiriti of the product.
           ▲Iwaki factory
           ▲ISO 9001
Ohno Bellows Industry
[the head office]
2-15-17, Yaguchi, Ota-ku, Tokyo
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