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Representative greetings

The modern industries gave a big change in our life. It is a position as it is called a major economic power and a rich living. However, on the other hand, the environmental problem in the global scale is demanded, and a theme to protect the earth with a person is greatly performed a close-up of now.
In us, I was in use with the research and development of the bellows application product mainly on the metal bellows by a unique technique and an effort to die out, and to be mixed for half a century since its formation.
In the fields such as the particularly recent semiconductor, atomic energy, petrochemistry, heavy electric apparatus, the ① bellows valve that "there is never the leak" and ② diamond Fulham valve are required as "an essential apparatus", and our technique and product are appreciated.
The making of environment where OHNO is kind to the earth corresponding to "the new industry era" is a theme.
Our product which "does not leak" attracts attention still more and takes pride with being able to contribute to environmental conservation and safety management.
Representative director Yasumasa Hoshino
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Our feelings

1.I send high-quality relief, security!
2.A short deadline! I cope regardless of quantity quickly!
3.Low cost! I help with a cost cut!
Ohno Bellows Industry aimed at the high-quality short deadline, low cost since its formation, and a customer gave trust to me. I will try to be able to be satisfied with a customer by being particular about a product of one one in future.
Ohno Bellows Industry
[the head office]
2-15-17, Yaguchi, Ota-ku, Tokyo
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